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Exhibition Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944) was born in Lyon on 29 June 1900, his friend Jean Mermoz the following year, and their mutual friend Henri Guillaumet a few months later. All three were to become aviation legends. Yet when they were born, aviation could not even be said to have existed, since the Wright brothers did not make their famous first flight until 18 December 1903.

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EXHIBITION - The Bouy Museum

The local museum at Bouy, near Châlons-en-Champagne in eastern France, features documents and photos on the life and achievements of local boy and ace pilot Henri Guillaumet.

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EXHIBITION - The Line, Philippe Mitchké

This exhibition comprises 51 original works depicting the epic stories of the Latécoère and Aéropostale airlines.

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A century of aviation with the French post office

Aerophilately exhibition by Gérard Collot, commemorating the Aéro-Club de France centenary.

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EXHIBITION - The Mermoz Line

This exhibition comprises 64 panels summarizing the history of Latécoère Airlines and the Aéropostale airmail service between 1919 and 1930.

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EXHIBITION - ’The Latécoère Line — the idea of the century’

The exhibition entitled "La Ligne, l’idée du siècle" (The Latécoère Line — the idea of the century) originated with Jean Macaigne, one of "the Line’s" pioneers.

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EXHIBITION - Seaplanes & Flyingboats at The Biscarosse museum

The Biscarrosse museum, founded by Marie-Paule Vié Klaze, specializes in the history of seaplanes, with Latécoère seaplanes and flying boats assembled and tested here from 1930 to 1955.

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A date to remember

First Marseille Algier’s crossing by seaplane

The first crossing of the Mediterranean by seaplane
was performed by Pierre-Georges Latécoère on 16 May 1923
From “L’Eclair du midi”,24 mai 1923

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In the words of Pierre Dumas

In those days — and I mean way back in 1918 — France was emerging from a terrible war. The country had waged many battles, fought all over Europe, and sailed the seven seas. But the country with the courageous soldiers and the learned generals, was also, alas, that which had lost most of its youth, their blood spilt in the prime of their lives on the battlements.

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French Aerophilately Association

The Cercle Aérophilatélique Français, or French Aerophilately Association, was founded on 19 January 1957 to promote aerophilately and activities relating directly or indirectly to aerophilately, and to bring together people interested in this cultural pastime. In 1997, it counted some 160 members in France and worldwide.

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